Accent Portal – Unique Selling Point

What sets us apart from other providers?

We train your speech apparatus, so you develop your muscles.

We work on endurance, so your accent doesn’t switch during a presentation.

Rather than just having you repeat sounds, we have analysed the physiology of specific accent carriers, which enables us to train you into a verbal athlete, not a parrot.

For Example –
French is spoken with lips rather than the jaw, like posh British is. For example, the word syndicat – the stress is on the final a. Try putting the stress on the y, just by using your lips. It doesn’t work, right?

Now you can understand why it’s hard for French people to pronounce words where the stress is on the first vowel.

It is difficult for them because they will try to speak with their lips only. They need to learn to drop down their jaw, which is unachievable by merely copying sounds.

And vice versa, part of our exercises for French accent will focus on developing lip muscles.


Hello! We are Accent Portal

Do you ever feel that your accent doesn’t allow you to develop your career at the speed you want or interferes with you leading a full social life?

Why do you even have the accent you have?

The answer is simple – speech apparatus muscles – and these can be trained, just like every other muscle, and we can help.


Firstly, you already have the required muscles, they just need to be trained, just like every other muscle can be trained for endurance. Why endurance? Well, talking for an hour is the same as running for an hour. Everyone can run perfectly for 100 metres or replicate an accent for a minute, but if you want to run a marathon or deliver a lengthy presentation, you need the stamina.

Secondly – you don’t need any equipment for this.

Thirdly – just three months of training should be enough.

And finally – your knowledge of a language does not impact your ability to train your speech apparatus. So even if you just started learning a language, you can start improving your pronunciation right now.

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